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HARD FACTS: 2014 Warmest year ever

According to NOAA,  2014 broke temperature records:

  •  2014 was the warmest year across global land and ocean surfaces since records began in 1880.
  • The global average ocean temperature was also record high, at 0.57°C (1.03°F) above the 20th century average of 16.1°C (60.9°F), breaking all previous records.
  • Average land surface temperature was 1.00°C (1.80°F) above the 20th century average of 8.5°C (47.3°F), the fourth highest annual value on record.

The data show that global warming has not slowed, as some have proposed. Says Bob Ward of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change: “The record temperatures last year should focus the minds of governments across the world on the scale of the risks that climate change is creating, and the urgency of the action that is required, including an international agreement to strongly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to be reached at the United Nations climate change summit in Paris in December 2015,”

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The Dialogue Unfolds…


Thinking strategically about sustainability

We live not only in challenging times, but times where things are changing rapidly. Maybe you are like us and believe that sustainability and resilience are creeping to the top of your agenda. Rarely do we get the opportunity to discuss and reflect over what this means for us and our organizations. And rarely do we get to be in an environment that supports that dialogue. Yet, it is needed more than ever.

Sacred Valley Dialogues gives you and your organization the space -physical and organizational – in a sensitively facilitated environment, to have those important conversations.

Situated in the Sóller valley on the Spanish Island of Mallorca, with easy international connections, our network offers a range of stunning and peaceful locations for your event and a team of facilitators and organizers.

Unknown to most, Mallorca is the home of a wide range of sustainable initiatives that open their arms to visitors, including alternative energy, sustainable agriculture and alternative business models. So there is plenty of education and inspiration just surrounding your conference.

Speakers who see and talk straight

Sacred Valley Dialogues’ range of international sustainability speakers and experts are renowned for their clear insights and for their skill at communicating them. We find speakers who can stimulate your organization to reach new depths of clarity.

Coaching so what needs to come up comes up

The dialogue methodology centers around making sure what is brought onto the table is that which needs to come up. Our coaching approach is designed to do just that

Working with capital and common shared value

Our approach includes a structured analysis of capital – natural, social, human and infrastructure – as a way of seeing organizations and the opportunity to give back to nature and society to increase business value by increasing common shared value.

Action Café for results that endure

We realize that by giving yourselves the opportunity to step back means also you need to take something with you. Techniques like action café ensure you take back with you a result that is actionable.

Let us arrange your next Sacred Valley Dialogue

Contact us today to discuss how we can arrange a Sacred valley for your organization or see our events schedule for the next opportunity to join an open event.


Summary from the recent dialogue in Sóller, Mallorca.


IMG_7839As you can see from the photo, people coming from outside (yellow notes) saw the assets and concerns of the area similarly. It was encouraging to see such engagement in the exercise as the map quickly filled with impressions. It is also encouraging to see the number of assets is slightly more than the concerns.


What were  seen as assets

  • Transport: trams, airport close
  • Tourism
  • The international community, celebrities and some high powered people have the valley as their second home
  • The vibrant local culture.
  • Mallorca as a brand that can attract residents and visitors
  • The wonderful  environment
  • Capacity: cheap flights, spare rooms
  • The history of the place, with its biomass generator and history of being self sufficient until the railway tunnel was built in the early 1900s
  • Nature strong asset
  • sea and mountain
  • agriculture, friendliness, sense of community
  • micro climate
  • hiking as assets

The concerns:

  • deteriorating drinking water quality
  • degradation of nature
  • prices of properties
  • dependency on tourism – valuation disparity
  • air pollution
  • youth without work
  • wild goats and sheep – eco balance
  • motorcycling on weekends

Unique assets:

  • Lot of potential to build on for surroundings and people
  • thriving local entrepreneurship
  • unique climate, environment

Unique concerns:

  • Fragile eco-system
  • being an Island



What was the Deeper Quest experienced by the delegates?

Many have in themselves the need to change. Collective narrative comes down to love, respect and humility. Quest to change  society. Balance between changing self and changing society

Emerging themes

Attracting and connecting, the power of the few, cooperation not competition – we are seeing and evolution (Time banks, cooperatives, resilence, sense of community, networking, supporting local enterprises, etc.)

What is  a Sacred Valley Dialogue?

  • Holding the space
  • Connecting the dots: energy, economy, environment, and emotions
  • space for curious people
  • real transition practice
  • Reunion of awakening concerned people looking for action
  • Concern for the future
  • realism
  • Open space to dialogue, hang about, how  to act, change that is destroying whole planet
  • the real human being and the people
  • active dialogue in respect of people history and culture
  • Explore conversation between heaven and earth all life.
  • Forum for collective healing

Still missing

  • Sacred Valley to be an example …. currency to pay for the events
  • Local community
  • Gather more frequently
  • Physical space

Session themes:

  • How to stop the burning in Sóller Valley and polluting the air
  • How to work for transition on a spiritual and quantum level
  • Mutual aid netwroks applying cooperative tools time bank to redesign work
  • Post petroleum living
  • Quitting the tax system
  • Developing a local currency
  • Present a new candiate to next election
  • How to reach masses
  • Leadership for the project
  • Keys to cooperate
  • Social media
  • What is next for Sacred Valley Dialogues?