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There is a sense of urgency, an urgency for change, and opportunity; opportunity to grow and to learn.

Intellectually we can understand this. Intellectually, however, we have created the problems we face today. Climate, financial, social, or personal crisis; we face challenges. How do we go about it? What is the system, structure, and strategy of this work, if any?


Valley Dialogues (In Spanish)

Welcome to our next (second) “Valley Dialogues” this coming Thursday, May 7th. The theme will be:

Consciousness and Culture

Our knowledge and our culture define and create the reality which we live. How can we create a more conscious, sustainable, and resilient reality?

Open dialogue on our everyday choices, what we value, and how do we deal with ongoing change.

In Spanish

Free, refreshments not included

Welcome! Bring a friend (or two!)

See the event on Facebook here.

Cartel – Dialogos del Valle 2015.05

On April 9th we had our fist “Valley Dialogues” in Biniaraix, at the Bar Bodega Biniaraix of Pedro Antonio. More than 20 people showed up to talk about issues of concern in the valley.

Themes of interest were:
- Ecology
- Biochar
- Consciousness
- Culture
- Pierre Rabi (French agroecologist)
- Overpopulation
- Water – Masaru Emoto, Victor Schauberger
- Peak Oil – Peak Water
- Production, Demand, Quality – Value

Continuous development (or destruction) of our energy systems, economics, and how this will affect our ecology, i.e., our immediate environment, the conditions that support life on this planet Earth, then, is something can be interesting . Many things are changing, either by choice, or for the sheer fact that climate change makes them happen. How do we prepare? What can we do to reduce the harmful effects, and take advantage of the opportunities that will emerge? These are the issues that we will be speaking at the next “Valley Dialogues”.

Welcome! And bring a friend, or two! :-)

Truth is a Pathless Land – The Inward Revolution, Retreat & Workshop November 2015

Exploring the legacy of Dr. David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti

Mallorca, Spain, November 1st to 8th 2015 (Workshop 4th to 8th)


Join this in-depth exploration of community and coherence beyond disruption and fragmentation.

Krishnamurti…I’d like to go into this question of meeting this enormous complex thing called living, existence, with an energy that is whole, non-fragmented, not broken up. And to find that energy, to come upon that energy, that is the problem. Is this fairly clear? We have exercised a great deal of energy to create this society, we have exercised a great deal of thought to bring about a religious order which is disorder, a discipline that has become mechanical, an energy which has produced an extraordinary technological advancement, an energy created by thought that has fragmented the world. So we first have to look at that energy – the energy that thought has created. Right?”

- On Nature and the Environment, J. Krishnamurti, First Public Talk in Saanen, July 1975


Whereas today’s problems and challenges are global, solutions are first of all local, and largely personal. How can we develop solutions based on a “Choiceless Awareness” and facts?

In this series of dialogues over several days, inspired by J. Krishnamurti and Dr. David Bohm, we explore our thoughts and actions while holding a space for something new to emerge. Together we look into possibilities and opportunities for a more sustainable, resilient, and self-sufficient world by identifying blind spots and bridging world-views.

What are the risks to an environment that we depend on for our life?

Is radical change possible if we join together and look at facts without separation? Moving from a fragmented and disconnected reality, can we re-connect and find “inclusiveness” in an often-divided Society? By looking at facts on Energy, Economy, and Ecology, what can be our role in the future that emerges?

Welcome to the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain from Sunday to Sunday November 1st to 8th, 2015 (Retreat November 1st to 4th, workshop only November 4th to 8th, 2015.)

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Or write us for more information at: info@sacredvalleydialogues.org

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HARD FACTS: 2014 Warmest year ever

According to NOAA,  2014 broke temperature records:

  •  2014 was the warmest year across global land and ocean surfaces since records began in 1880.
  • The global average ocean temperature was also record high, at 0.57°C (1.03°F) above the 20th century average of 16.1°C (60.9°F), breaking all previous records.
  • Average land surface temperature was 1.00°C (1.80°F) above the 20th century average of 8.5°C (47.3°F), the fourth highest annual value on record.

The data show that global warming has not slowed, as some have proposed. Says Bob Ward of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change: “The record temperatures last year should focus the minds of governments across the world on the scale of the risks that climate change is creating, and the urgency of the action that is required, including an international agreement to strongly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to be reached at the United Nations climate change summit in Paris in December 2015,”

READ MORE article on BBC News

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