On Energy, Economy, Ecology, and Consciousness

Presenting Hard Facts, Promoting Dialogues, Engaging Action

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Sacred Valley Dialogues is about how you can be at the forefront of innovation in a rapidly  changing world. We present hard facts and promote dialogue on Energy, Economy, and Ecology.

Based on the Spanish Island of Mallorca, (and virtually world-wide) this new initiative provides you and your organisation with a space to re-examine your strategies and embrace sustainability and resilience.

Targeted at leaders, strategic managers, and sustainable development professionals we offer:

  • Internationally acclaimed speakers, on-line and on-site
  • The Sacred Valley Dialogue coaching process, from hard facts to leadership initiatives
  • A company of peers: co-creating strategic dialogues hosted in inspiring settings
  • A regular newsletter providing hard facts, and insights into the latest leading edge thinking in leadership for sustainability.

A Preview of our premier Sacred Valley Dialogues newsletter:




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