On Energy, Economy, Ecology, and Consciousness

Valley Dialogues (In Spanish)

Welcome to our next (second) “Valley Dialogues” this coming Thursday, May 7th. The theme will be:

Consciousness and Culture

Our knowledge and our culture define and create the reality which we live. How can we create a more conscious, sustainable, and resilient reality?

Open dialogue on our everyday choices, what we value, and how do we deal with ongoing change.

In Spanish

Free, refreshments not included

Welcome! Bring a friend (or two!)

See the event on Facebook here.

Cartel – Dialogos del Valle 2015.05

On April 9th we had our fist “Valley Dialogues” in Biniaraix, at the Bar Bodega Biniaraix of Pedro Antonio. More than 20 people showed up to talk about issues of concern in the valley.

Themes of interest were:
- Ecology
- Biochar
- Consciousness
- Culture
- Pierre Rabi (French agroecologist)
- Overpopulation
- Water – Masaru Emoto, Victor Schauberger
- Peak Oil – Peak Water
- Production, Demand, Quality – Value

Continuous development (or destruction) of our energy systems, economics, and how this will affect our ecology, i.e., our immediate environment, the conditions that support life on this planet Earth, then, is something can be interesting . Many things are changing, either by choice, or for the sheer fact that climate change makes them happen. How do we prepare? What can we do to reduce the harmful effects, and take advantage of the opportunities that will emerge? These are the issues that we will be speaking at the next “Valley Dialogues”.

Welcome! And bring a friend, or two! :-)

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