On Energy, Economy, Ecology, and Consciousness

Facts, Dialogue, Action!

There is a sense of urgency, an urgency for change, and opportunity; opportunity to grow and to learn.

Intellectually we can understand this. Intellectually, however, we have created the problems we face today. Climate, financial, social, or personal crisis; we face challenges. How do we go about it? What is the system, structure, and strategy of this work, if any?

Increased awareness comes from creating a space and taking the time to reflect on these things. Reflection alone, however, is an intellectual exercise. How do we go from exercising the intellect to doing what needs to be done?

Sacred Valley Dialogues provides a space in a sensitively facilitated environment to have those important conversations.

Situated in the Sóller valley on the Spanish Island of Mallorca, with easy international connections, our network offers a range of stunning and peaceful locations for your event and a team of facilitators and organizers.

Unknown to most, Mallorca is the home of a wide range of sustainable initiatives that open their arms to visitors, including alternative energy, sustainable agriculture and alternative business models. So there is plenty of education and inspiration just surrounding your conference.

We live not only in challenging times, but times where things are changing rapidly. Maybe you are like us and believe that sustainability and resilience are creeping to the top of your agenda. Rarely do we get the opportunity to discuss and reflect over what this means. And rarely do we get to be in an environment that supports that dialogue. Yet, it is needed more than ever.

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