On Energy, Economy, Ecology, and Consciousness

What we do

Innovation in Times of Global Renewal

Do you feel compelled to respond to the human challenges in front of us? You are not alone. We are bringing leaders together to explore beliefs, gain perspectives, and identify key emerging technologies to be part of the new, sustainable prosperity that the world is clamoring for. Using a coaching mindset and dynamic group dialogue we explore approaches, attitudes, and solutions while identifying and helping define a responsible and respectful action plan.

How to navigate change, and create a compelling future together…

Speakers who see and talk straight

Sacred Valley Dialogues’ range of international sustainability speakers and experts are renowned for their clear insights and for their skill at communicating them. We find speakers who can stimulate your organization to reach new depths of clarity.

Coaching so what needs to come up comes up

The dialogue methodology centers around making sure what is brought onto the table is that which needs to come up. Our coaching approach is designed to do just that

Working with capital and common shared value

Our approach includes a structured analysis of capital – natural, social, human and infrastructure – as a way of seeing organizations and the opportunity to give back to nature and society to increase business value by increasing common shared value.

Action Café for results that endure

We realize that by giving yourselves the opportunity to step back means also you need to take something with you. Techniques like action café ensure you take back with you a result that is actionable.


From previous Dialogues

Assessment of the changing global scenario: Estimating business impact from overstepping planetary boundaries. Impact of changing energy sources on supply chains. Finding new sources of capital when traditional ones dry up. Turning externalities around before legislation forces compliance. Risk management and crisis management

Crafting future strategies to meet societal demand for planet care and fairness: To what extent can our current corporate paradigms cope with future scenarios? Making CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) a driver of sales. The opportunities of Corporate Social Strategy. Creating the prepared organization – building responsiveness and capability in turbulent times. Food: feeding the world to underpin prosperity even as climate and soil depletion threaten.

Organizational capability for future scenarios, building: Preparedness for paradigm shift, Responsiveness, Monitoring systems
Facilitators: Christer Söderberg and Stephen Hinton