On Energy, Economy, Ecology, and Consciousness


Our Facilitators:

The dialogues, tools, and thinking processes will be facilitated by Christer Söderberg, sustainable leadership consultant and coach, initiator of Sacred Valley Dialogues, and Stephen Hinton, author, speaker, co-founder of the Transition Towns movement in Sweden, board member of JAK Bank and Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation.



Christer Söderberg – Christer is comfortable with change: living in nine countries, speaking seven languages, and managing companies on four continents is all about dealing with change, and adapting. Christer left corporate leadership in 2002 after establishing a Swedish industrial products multinational with an office in Brazil and distribution in six south- and central American countries. Experiencing global economical, energy and environmental challenges first-hand prompted Christer to choose a path of self-development and working towards a more balanced lifestyle, in harmony with the planet. Christer works as a coach and leadership consultant to help raise awareness about sustainability and resilience, and the opportunities they offer, both in business and in our personal lives.




Stephen Hinton first developed his passion for sustainability writing his book “Inventing for the Sustainable Planet”. He serves on the boards of JAK Banken (Sweden) and The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation (TSSEF). Stephen is one of the founders of the Eco-Village Änggärdet and the Transition Towns movement in Sweden. He has a background in management training from MaST International Ltd. and worked in program management at Ericsson before taking on the managing director role in a water purification company.





Gerald Blomeyer recently returned to Berlin after an eight year sojourn in India and Nepal. He started meditating in 1986. Today he offers an interactive weekend course on leadership skills with Buddhist philosophy, meditation and yoga. Gerald lectured at universities for 10 years, and ran his own PR agency for 17 years. http://blomeyer.berlin (Gerald will be facilitating optional meditation sessions during the 2015 Sacred Valley Dialogues Retreat and Workshop: Truth is a Pathless Land – The Inward Revolution.)


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