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Getting to Sóller

Getting to Sacred Valley Dialogues – Sóller:

Taxi: Taking a taxi from the airport to Sóller will cost approximately €48.- (the same as four train tickets from Plaza España. Bus is less expensive)

Bus: From Airport, take bus no. 1 to Plaza España (Downtown Palma). Be careful with pickpockets as this is a very lucrative route for them. Plaza España is the public transport hub of the city. From here you can choose to take the Yellow buses two floors down in the Metro (underground train) station. There are two bus lines (both cost ca. €3.50, go a few times an hour most of the day):

Bus 211 Palma to Sóller direct (ca. 30 minutes) Timetable: http://bit.ly/1rEck31

Bus 210 Palma to Sóller scenic mountain route via Deiá and Valldemossa (ca. 90 minutes) Timetable: http://bit.ly/1qFREIG

The bus station in Sóller is a 15 walk from the main square. Note! If you’re taking the bus, you should get off in “Sóller” not “Puerto de Sóller”, which is the harbour/port of the valley.

Train: There is also an historic train, built 1912, that takes you from Palma over the mountain into the Sóller Valley. Very scenic! ca. one hour. Tiscket price €12.-/person. Trains go irregularily, check timetable: http://bit.ly/1yIRLv0

The train station is a three minute walk from the main square.

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